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Polyurea spray

What is POLYUREA ?

Two-component elastomeric coating materials for substrate protection from water ingress and corrosion prevention.
Derived from the reaction product of an Isocyanatecomponent & polyetheraminesthrough one-step polymerization
Wide variety of formulations catering for different requirements for mechanical, physical and chemical properties
Exponential rise in the marketplace in the past 10 years or so throughout the World especially in the USA and Asia
 Short gel time ( 9 sec )

High tensile strength ( 10 MPa:  30 MPa)

Large elongation at break ( 370 % )

High tear strength ( 95 kg/cm² )

High abrasive resistance

High impact resistance

Excellent resistance to chemical attack


Can be applied at low temperature

High thermal stability

High temperature shock resistance

Reducing costs


-Waterproofing for roofs, water tanks and any other features that are subject to water ingress

-Protection for features that are subject to attack by chemical ingress

-Protection of pipelines

-Strengthening of structural elements such as beams, columns and slabs

-Anti-graffiti coatings

-Caulk/joint/sealant materials

-Parking decks


-Tunnel lining protection

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