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 Mineral fiber loose-filling:


Granular mineral fiber loose- filling thermal insulation



Blowing and Filling
F-16 ® granular mineral fiber blowing and filling thermal insulation
By special machinery, small granular F-16 ® mineral fiber is blown and filled every corner to eliminate all gaps, which is insulation material most suitable for high thermal insulation, high airtight residential.
F-16 ® granular mineral fibers apply for thermal insulation of ceiling, wall and floor of wood and concrete structures housing, condensation control, sound insulation, fireproof treatment, can be applied to new construction and renovation construction.
Blowing and filling mineral fiber has excellent performance of sound insulation, sound-absorbing  installed in the ceiling under the second floor, have a very strong effect of noise insulation.
Excellent performance of the F-16 ®
Lightweight: lower density, ceiling : 25kg/m3, walls, floors : 60kg/m3
High properties of thermal insulation: thermal conductivity, ceiling: 0.040, walls, floor : 0.039,   in line with GB/10294-2008 
Excellent performance of anti-fire: no burning, no smoke, no combustion, in line with fire safety standards of GB8624-2006
Water absorption less than 1% (consistent with GB/T11835-1988 )
High temperate furnace slags melted in the high temperature about 1500° C, through all kinds of manufacturing process, form  F-16 ® blowing and filling granular mineral fibers, shrinkage temperature is above 650 degrees, with high thermal resistance in a variety of blowing insulation materials 
Characteristics of blowing and filling process:
Granular fiber seamlessly poured, density uniformity, and form a uniform insulation
Do not need to use adhesive
Dust from blowing and filling mineral fiber is mor less
In a narrow space is also very easy to do the insulation, construction is very simple
The thickness can be designed by their own freedom of choice to meet construction requirements of thermal insulation performance.
Mineral Fiber Spraying

F-16 ® mineral fiber is spray-applied on the surface of  building component by choosing different F-16 ® granular mineral fibers and adhesives, and through a complete set of professional fiber spraying machine. After drying

, surface of substrate forms a seamless insulation system with thermal insulation, sound absorption, fire-resistant.  


Apply to thermal and acoustic insulation of building and fire-resistant covering of steel frames, columns, outer wall, floor, roof etc.

Technological features:

● Suitable for any surface of building, especially for complex structure and special-shaped structure.

● no seams, good sealing, without any support

● suitable for substrate surface of steel, concrete, wood, gypsum board 

Application of place

● Construction: sound absorption / noise reduction to stadiums, railway stations, theaters, shopping centers, residential 

buildings, industrial plants, hotels, airport terminals and other insulation, 

● Ship: fire resistance and thermal insulation to crew room and passenger bulkhead, deck

● Tunnel: sound absorption and fire-resistant

Excellent performance:

1. Efficient thermal insulation properties: after spraying and form a seamless spray system, and in close connection with 

substrate, effectively blocking thermal and cold bridge. Thermal conductivity: 0.038w/m.k, Density: 120 ~ 150kg/m32

2. High sound absorption performance: because of rock wool with a large number of tiny gap, sound waves along the gap

 enter inside material, showing a higher sound absorption. 25mm thickness, NRC = 0.75, 50 mm thickness, NRC = 0.95 

Thickness, density, sound absorption percentage of Sound-absorbing material 

GW 50mm 32kg / m³ (glass wool board) 

RF 50mm 40kg / m³ (rock wool felt) 

SC 50mm 250kg / m³ (mineral fiber spraying system)

3. Performance of closed damper: spraying system closely bonding in surface of metal, effectively change vibration

 frequency of steel plate, cover seams of metal roofing to avoid defects of the metal structure leak sound, greatly improve 

performance of medium and low-frequency sound insulation in metal roof and performance of rainfall noise.

4, Excellent performance of fireproof: mineral fibers made of ore, so it is absolutely non-combustible, non-combustion, no smoke, Class A non-combustible material, in line with Chinese GB8624-1997 standard.

Ordinary mineral fibers thermal shrink temperature: 650 ° C, when  shrinkage temperature above 1000 ℃, can be used

 for fire-resistant spray of steel structure.

Other performances:

Good adhesive strength; antibacterial no mildew;

Spray directly in the wet surface of substrate;

Environmental friendly stability; waste can be recycled and reused.

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